Middle School

At Year 7 to 8 Bentleigh Secondary College students study core subjects of English, Maths, Humanities, Science, Physical Education/Health, LOTE and sport. Electives are offered in Art, Information Technology, Food, Textiles, Wood Technologies, Music and Drama.

The elective system is scaffolded to ensure middle school students experience all options before specialising in their subject selections.


2018 Year 7 Handbook

2018 Year 8 Handbook

2018 Year 9 Handbook




Year 7 Camp

The Year 7 transition camp is held during the first few weeks of Term One. The camp is held near Foster, and is an excellent opportunity for students and staff to get to know each other, build positive relationships and understand the importance of everyone working co-operatively.

Year 8 Camp

The Year 8 camp is held during Term One in Anglesea and has an outdoor education focus. It is designed to provide students with activities that ask students to step outside their comfort zone in a safe and fun way, work collaboratively, and build on their strengths.