Surface Pro-Gram Launch

On The 10th of September, Bentleigh launched a new and very exciting program for 2015; the Surface Pro-Gram.

This optional 1-to-1 program will give year 7 students access to a Microsoft Surface Pro 3, a revolutionary device that bridges the gap between tablet and laptop.

To find out more information about the program, you can check out the presentation from the night here.   images   follow this link.

If you are a 2015 Year 7 parent, you can download a copy of the eGreement here before making your choice to participate or not in the program.

To sign up for the program,   images  follow this link to the collection portal.

To View the 2015 Surface Program eGreement,   images  follow this link.

Any queries or questions about the program can be directed to our head of eLearning, Adam Powell, at