Green Machine – Vertical Garden Competition


Bentleigh Secondary College has been accepted into the Vertical Gardens project between The University of Melbourne and the Academy of Innovative Business. The aim of this project is to develop green gardens in urban settings. Having been selected, we will help to set the benchmark for other schools to follow and will equip our students with unique skillsets. This project will also allow us to take the original ideas applied to our current trial vertical garden and make them even better.


The first step for the school is to go through a “System Design” & “Design Thinking” process to design the school’s garden. The second step is to record the school’s “design thinking” and present this in a five-minute presentation at the Emerging Innovation Summit 2018, 3-5 October 2018 (


We are looking for members of the college community who would like to assist in the development and construction of our vertical garden. If you are able to assist in donating materials or time, please contact Carrie Bloomfield by email at


Image courtesy of Asher Forrest, 8.8 (Green Machine Photographer)


Carrie Bloomfield


Head of Sustainability



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